Pantone 2021: The Colors

Pantone colors of the year : Ultimate Gray and Yellow named illuminating

Contrast Analysis

Analyze of color contrast: gray and yellow allows to write in black, but not in white since the contrast isn’t sufficient.
The yellow over the gray, or the gray over the yellow doesn’t match the contrast requirements.

Creation of a palette based on Pantone 2021

The Aviari Palette including a blue, a turquoise, a redish/pinkish color, the illuminating yellow, the gray and a very light beige color
A lot of different website components with the palette colors in use.
The color harmonies analysis, just to show off the tool
A list of the tools for accessibility

A “web” palette based on Pantone 2021

The value of contrast of all the palette colors against the white. Only the blue is OK

Why these contrast values?

A palette based on Leonardo tool and our Aviary palette: each color has 10 variations of contrast.
4 palettes with extreme color blind simulation

Use this accessible color palette

A table of comparision that tests each color of the palette, over another color of the palette to test combinations.

Compose your screens

The palette inside Leonardo
A hero banner and 2 examples of components using different design styles, but the same colors from our palette.

Accessibility and usability